IPTV France playlist

Free iptv playlist for France

IPTV France playlistHello everyone and on the giveaway is the IPTV France playlist for today, November 23, 2021. Dear friends, a free IPTV France playlist made up of 177 links to national channels has been tested for performance in the VLC player, all the declared channels show.

free IPTV France playlist
The IPTV playlist is fully ready to use and all you need is any player capable of playing files in m3u8 format or an application on your smartphone.
However, since this playlist is essentially free, unfortunately its long-term operation will be impossible. But for today, watching your favorite shows or catching up on the latest news is enough with this playlist.
You can download the IPTV France playlist for November 23, 2021 at this link — https://proiptv.top/wp-content/uploads/PL/11_2021/France.m3u8

IPTV France playlist

updated for November 26, 2021

Good morning. There was a slight update of the IPTV playlist with French TV channels. At the new playlist link below you can download the list with 179 French TV channels. The old playlist will not be removed yet, there are still working channels. Checked at the time of publication, all channels are working.
Download the IPTV France playlist for November 26, 2021 here — https://proiptv.top/wp-content/uploads/PL/11_2021/France_2611.m3u8

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